Horrtorr Volume 1
Aberrance is Bliss

Hard: £12.50 (Buy)

Soft: £5 (Buy)

Edition of 60

Dec 2012


Horrtorr Volume One celebrates the deviant spirit of youth, simultaneously exploring their ideas of fun and aberration and the beauty and wonder they find in the world around them. Hand-made in an edition of sixty, the book features works by thirty-three talented young photographers and illustrators from around the globe.

Based on the Horrtorr blog.

In loving memory of Jacob Cockle – he was truly an inspiration.


Photography by:
Anna van Cleynenbreugel;
Emma Parry;
Steve Messer;
Jacob Cockle;
Piotr Sokul;
Emily Burtner;
Kristie Muller;
Anya Schiller;
Milo Belgrove;
Jessica Katz;
Joe Cooke;
Laura-Lynn Petrick;
Danny Cooke;
Matt Martin;
Ben Armson;
Jamie Shaw;
Alba Molleda;
Austin Kamps;
Dimitri Karakostas;
Alejandro Cinque;
Lassen Davis;
Justin Apperley;
Janis Ganga;
Lloyd Stubber;
Kate Marshall;
Eli Simpson.

Illustration by:
Willehad Eilers;
Tom O'Donoghue;
Kyle Alu;
Jamie Wilson;
Ollie Smith;
Christian Stearry;
Carlos Cruz.